Today (January 17), baidu APP and CCTV jointly announced that a sole partnership, for the national people’s hair.      Baidu said the APP, from January 28 to February 4, 8 days will be issued a red envelope, red envelopes climax in 30 evening gala. That night four rounds out red envelopes, there are three ways to shake, small video filled and search a red envelope.   Previously, tencent WeChat cooperate with CCTV “shake” red envelopes, pay tr easure to work with CCTV “red envelopes” howls.At this point, “BAT” three are in the Spring Festival gala this big send red packets on the IP.   For the totalRead More →

Recently, at the entrance of Zeng Jingcai Market, Yingbin Road, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, th ree cars rear-ended a convoy of three Bentley cars. According to the wedding car fleet, there were eight cars, the last three were hit. Reporters in the Jinjiang Express Center saw three cars are Bentley Gucci, each worth about 4 million, the total value of more than 10 million. An insurance company staff told reporters that the initial estimate of maintenance costs e xceeded 1 million. It is understood that the three cars were closed at that time, but two of them did not have commercial insurance. The crowd atRead More →

As an early rock idol in Hong Kong, Tingfeng Tse’s unruly appearance and free personality h ave been sought after by many fans. With Cecilia Cheung and Fei Wong, the emotional entanglement between them has become the focus of attention. Now, Cecilia Cheung announces the happy news of the triplets, Tingfeng Tse and Fe i Wong have come together again, and their feelings have settled down. In terms of career, Tse Tingfeng created his own program “Fengwei”. He cook ed life with gourmet food. The popularity of “Fengwei” also made the image of Tse Tingfeng’s chef deeply popular and circled a big wave of fans.Read More →

Yesterday, Chen Feiyu participated in the “Reading Super IP Storm Festival” and was pleased with the “new super IP actors”. It may be the first time that Chen Feiyu won the honor as an actor. Chen F eiyu was very nervous when he delivered his speech. He even made a big Oolong and spoken to Chen Kaige and said, “I’m your father.” Chen Kaige was strict with his son when he was young, but this time he attached great importance to his son’s award. He not only accompan ied him personally to receive the award, but also showed his father-like smile, pride and joy whenRead More →

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a classic masterpiece of Andersen’s fairy tales in Denmark. It is also a text in the Chinese textbook of the first semester of junior high school. During the New Year’s Day, Gu Xuechao, a Chinese teacher in the middle of the junior middle schoo l of Guanggu Branch attached to No. 1 Middle School of Huashi Normal University, arranged a “wonderful flower” assignmen t for the students, which adapted the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” of more than 3000 w ords into classical Chinese within 300 words. “For the first time, I tried to arrange such assi gnments, butRead More →

When did Cao Yunjin first expose her daughter’s photos? On April 17, 2018, Cao Yunjin’s wife gave birth to her daughter. On Jan. 10, Cao Yunjin first exposed his 8-month budding photo on Weibo, which is also a rare photo of Cao Yunjin’s daughter in the past eight months. Cao Yunjin also wrote in his microblog that “the eight-month-old Mengmeizi has eyes like me and nose like her mother”. Cao Yunjin’s daughter’s nickname was also called “sugar” earlier. Who is Cao Yunjin’s wife? It is said that Cao Yunjin’s wife is Tang Yin, which is also “Lin Huahua” in the TV drama “The Name ofRead More →

According to reports from Bangkok Business News and Bangkok Post, Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports Willasa announced after the Cabinet meeting on January 8 that in order to stimulate Thai tourism, the Thai Cabinet adopted a proposal to extend the policy of exempting Thailan d from landing visa fees for three months to April 30, 2019, and said that the extension of the p olicy of landing signature free of charge would promote the Spring Festival and Thai Water Spring Festival. The number of visitors to Thailand increased during the period. At present, the bill needs to be announced in the Royal Gazette ofRead More →

China Network Audio-visual Program Service Association officially promulgated “Management Specification for Network Short Video Platform” on January 9, which st ipulates that all short videos broadcasted on the platform should be audited before they can be broadcasted, including the title, introduction, screen and commentary of the program. Title, introduction, barrage and commentary should be audited “Standard” requires that the network short video platform should actively introduce mainstre am news media and organizations such as party, government and military organs to open accounts to improve the supply of positive and high-quality short video c ontent; all short video broadcasted on the platform should be subject toRead More →

In 2016, at the age of 27, Chen Zifang stood on the stage and said this to everyone. His open and firm eyes make people neglect that he is a congenital man without arms. Being able to stand on the stage and accomplish something that others seem unlikely to do. But this road, Chen Zifang walked 27 years. This body, when he was born, should have been regarded as an abandoned child, because it was born with a bloody body, but no arms. This is the first cruel reality of Chen Zifang’s fate. He was just a baby who had just entered the world. HeRead More →

At about 19:10 p.m. on January 8, a gas leak occurred on the 4th floor of Building 13, Rongxin Lane, Bayi Road, Xigang District. After receiving 110 alarms, the police of Bayi Police Station, the local patrol police and the staff of the gas company rushed to the scene immediately. Gas explosion occurred in the process of checking the gas leak point, which injured 9 people. All of them were sent to the hospital for treatment. There was no life danger. All the residents in the corridor had been evacuated. At present, there was no open fire on the scene. Secretary Tan Zuojun of theRead More →