deputy director of the center. “But more and more countries have realized the importance of AI, and paid a lot of attention to this area.” The report said 12 countries announced their national strategies on AI in 2018, including the US, Germa ny and the United Kingdom, and another 11 countries are in the process of drawing up their national AI strategies. The report pointed out that the weakness of AI research in China lies in the insufficient c ollaboration between universities and industries, while Israel and the US are ahead in this respect. “AI research in China is largely limited within universities, resultin gRead More →

 are also expected to experience the weather in the coming days, along with some provinces in Northeastern China. China has a four-tier color coded weather warning system, with red representing the most severe, followed by orange, yellow and blue. Environment minister and prominent pro-Brexit campaigner Michael Gove said on Sunday he would be running to replace Theresa May as British prime minister, Sky News reported. “I can confirm that I will be putting my name forward to be prime minister of this country,” Sky News quoted Gove as telling reporters outside his house. “I believe that I’m ready to unite the Conservati ve and UnionistRead More →

mpacts on Huawei, the Chinese telecom company has already prepared options to deal with the problem. A recent report by Dongxing Securities said the US ban on Huawei will foster dem and for manufacturing independent and controllable semiconductor components in China. “We see remarkable room for growth in the next-generation 5G and consumer electronics products in the future,” the report sa id. “As the US has imposed restrictions on Huawei’s purchases of US technology, some major domestic chi pmakers will step in to offer the supply. As their market share grows in the future, they will gradually be able to g ain core capabilities andRead More →

nal tariffs are foreign funded. Many of them are US companies whose primary market is in the United States, Wang said. The recent US moves “abruptly interfere with” the normal order of th e global integrated circuit industry and undermine its stable development, he said. China’s chip industry has grown on average 20 percent annually since 2012, with sales revenue reaching 653.2 billion yuan ($94.7 billion) in 2018, Wang said. He conceded that there is a significant gap between China and global leaders in the overall design, manu facturing, testing of the relevant equipment and raw material processing for integrated circuits. The tariff hikes willRead More →

ork in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas in Laifeng, a remote county in Hubei province. He dedicated his life to the p eople, holding posts ranging from community-level government official to deputy manager of a local bank. His political beliefs as a Party member supported him during the war period and in serving th e people in peacetime, with indifference to fame and wealth, Zhang told Xinhua News Agency. He said he has been fulfilling the oath that he had sworn when joining the Party, and that he doesn’t deserve special recognition for his a chievements, since what he did was negligible compared with those whoRead More →

A growing number of people are eating alone, whether at home or in restaurants, and overturning traditional etiquette. Zhang Yangfei reports. In China, food has always played a major role in promoting social cohesion. Communal eating is not on ly familybased and deeply rooted in the nation’s cultural heritage, but is also regarded as an indicator of society’s health and stability. Given that background, it is little wonder that eating alone, publicly or privately, has long been considered taboo. However, in recent years things have started to change as a r esult of demographic shifts and the growing influence of modern lifestyles. According to aRead More →

“Chinese culture is family-based. Everyone wants to have a group of people eating toget her, so eating is more of a collective behavior. People either eat with family members at home or with colle agues and clients at work,” said Cai Yani, who has directed a series of short videos about solo dining. Eating together is considered crucial for family bonding. On a typical Chinese dining table, one rarely finds dishes for indi viduals; instead, there is usually a range of dishes-meat, fish, vegetables and soup-for everyone to share. Restaurants usually boast round tables with a rotatable surface, known as a “lazy Susan” in theRead More →

Late last year, Pu Kunhong decided to conduct a test. On New Year’s Eve, the 21-year-o ld visited a well-known hotpot chain on his own to see how people would react. Inside the packed restaurant, diners sat around tables, dropping meat, fish balls and vegetables into boiling cauldrons and chatting happily amid the rising steam. Pu sat opposite a large stuffed teddy bear-placed at his table by the management to ac t as a companion-and quietly added slices of raw beef to the broth bubbling in his cauldron. Providing large stuffed toys as companions is just one wa y the restaurant attempts to put soloRead More →

The topic “Hotpot can be eaten by one person” has attracted about 56 million hits and more than 17,000 posts. Cai Yani started dining alone in 2012, just after she quit her job as a maga zine editor. During her period without work, she ate alone, but she discovered that ma ny restaurants, especially those serving stir-fry, were reluctant to receive solo diners. In response, Cai started filming her Solo Dining series. Each episode lasts about three minute s and features one meal made by one person. The short series has attracted millions of views on Youku, a vid eo-sharing platform in China, and itsRead More →

Tibetan alpine rescuers successfully rescued an Australian climber experienci ng critical health problems at an altitude of 7,500 meters on the northern slop e of Mount Qomolangma – known as Everest in the West – according to the Tibet Mountaineering Association. The stranded climber was discovered Wednesday at 7 pm by a four-person mountai neering crew from the Tibet Himalaya Expedition Co on their way back from repair work. On their journey they found the climber in a state of physical exhaustion, out of consciousness, and in critical condition. The team reported the situation to Qomolangma Base Camp, and the liaison offic er ordered theRead More →