ion with affected areas remains limited. On Monday, Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said that “everyth ing indicates that we can have a record of more than 1,000 dead” — a figure that some experts now believe could be conservative.   The mortuary at the central hospital in Beira “is full and dozens of bodies need to be removed and handled in a dignified way,” according to IFRC. Beira is still flooded, which makes it impossible to bury bodies, IFRC said.   It is premature to say how many people have died while affected areas remain i naccessible, Stephen Fonseca, regional forensics manager at the International Committee ofRead More →

  killing many people as they slept.   The 83-year-old husband of one Chimanimani resident was buried alive when their bedroom collapsed on them last Friday.   ”We were sleeping in the house around 10 p.m. in the evening and it was raining. It kept on pouring when rocks sliding from the hill started hitting our house,” said the 59-year-old.   ”The stones we built our house with collapsed on us, and then I yelled, ‘oh my, I’m dying!’ The soils had filled my mouth, nose and ears. Water filled the house to almost my neck level … I started to shake my husband’s body to no avail. HeRead More →

  he Trades Union Congress said Thursday that Britain faces a “national emergency” if politicians allow that to happen.   ”Firms and communities across the United Kingdom are not ready for this outcome. Th e shock to our economy would be felt by generations to come,” they wrote in a letter to May.   McDonald’s (MCD) and KFC (YUM) joined with UK supermarkets to warn that crash ing out of the European Union would disrupt supplies. Airbus has said that it would be forced to redirect future inv estment away from the United Kingdom.What can the UK achieve in three weeks that it couldn’t in three years?   TheRead More →

online news service focusing on China’s mobile payment industry, said to Securities Daily he expects the run-up of cashless payments will maintain for three to five years until it takes up as much sha re of consumption as possible, as consumers incrementally wade farther into cashless payments. Data from PBOC revealed banking financial institutions in 2018 conducted 220.31 billion deals in non-cash paym ents involving 3,768.67 trillion yuan, a rise of 36.94 percent and 0.23 percent year-on-year respectively. In the same period non-banking payment institutions, mainly referring to third-party online payment service providers, had 530.61 b illion deals, surging 85.05 percent, and the transaction volumeRead More →

innocence. But that is probably being too simplistic as we live in a complex world. Indeed, New Zealand is about as far away as you can get from the violence we see alm ost daily in other war-torn places. That is not to say New Zealand has been immune to violence. The quiet seaside town of Aramoana, near Dunedin, saw 13 people gunned down in No vember 1990 when a local resident went berserk after an argument with his next-door neighbor. Five years lat er, in April 1995, across the Tasman Sea in Australia, there was the Port Arthur massacre on the island state ofRead More →

  cancer of race hate than guns. It is an evil that has been with us for long, but it seems the cancer is now metastatic-it is spreading. It is be ing spread by white, right-wing bigots who see conspiracies around every corner, and by religious zealots that are found in most religions.   In the summer of 2011, an anti-Islamic right-wing extremist killed 77 people in Norway in a planned terrorist attack.   Recent years have seen a surge in white supremacist violence in the United States. Every terrorist killing in the US last ye ar was linked to right-wing extremism, according to the New York-based Anti-DefamationRead More →

NEW YORK – UP Fintech Holding Limited, a leading online brokerage firm focusing on global Chinese investors, rang th e Nasdaq Stock Market opening bell on Wednesday in celebration of its initial public offering (IPO). The company, known in Asia as “Tiger Brokers,” trading under the ticker symbol of “TIGR,” announced its IPO of 13 mill ion American depositary shares (ADSs), each representing 15 Class A ordinary shares, at a price to the public of $8 per ADS. UP Fintech Holding started trading at $8.10 per share on Wednesd ay, climbing 24.6 percent from its pricing, and was traded at $9.97 apiece around midday. CitiRead More →

  tension to the withdrawal process, given the unlikelihood of agreeing a deal before Mar ch 29. May is expected to ask the remaining 27 EU member states for a delay at this week’s summit.   It’s possible the EU may propose a long extension to the Brexit process and require the UK to take part in the upcoming European elections in May.   Downing Street has used the prospect of a lengthy delay — which could be used to force a second referendum — to try to persuade Brexiteer lawmakers that they risk losing Brexit altogether if they don’t vo te for May’s deal.The man who openedRead More →

  ment from ISIS spokesman, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir, accusing Ardern and other Western leaders of shedding “crocodile tears.”   Al-Muhajir called upon ISIS supporters to “take vengeance” in the aftermath of the attack in an almost 45-min ute audio recording. It’s believed to be the first recording released by al-Muhajir in months.   New Zealand Members of Parliament gathered in the House on Tuesday to share condolenc es for the victims. They will meet again on Wednesday, the same day Ardern intends to return to Christchurch.   On Saturday, she visited members of Christchurch’s Muslim community wearin g a hijab in what observers lauded as a meaningful gesture ofRead More →

  in the attack through legal means. Ardern and Deputy Prime Mi nister Winston Peters announced Monday evening that the cabinet has agreed to ch anges to New Zealand’s gun laws “in principle,” but the exact measures have not been revealed.   While acknowledging that “for a short period” the planned amendments might create uncertainty for some gun own ers, Ardern said she believes “the vast majority” of New Zealand’s gun owners agree that change is needed.   Tech companies face increased scrutiny   Some of Ardern’s toughest rhetoric was reserved for social media and its ability to quickly disseminate “ideas and language of division and hate.”   ”We cannotRead More →